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Pricing Policy:

We commonly come in at between 60% and 70% of United Kingdom and North American prices. Orders are commonly shipped to anywhere in the world and paid for in most currencies. A deposit may be requested to confirm the order.

Quality Policy

We have for years sourced our tartans, jacket cloth, braids, trimmings, linings, leather goods, silverwork and more from only the most reputable of sources, and match this with the extremely high quality of our personalised tailoring and outfitting service. All tailoring and kilt-making is DONE ON THE PREMISES by our skilled staff.


Prince Charlie Outfits
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Argyle Jackets
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Ghillie Outfits
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Braemar Jackets

Trews and Trousers
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Waistcoats, Bowties & Cummerbunds

Ladies Kilted Skirts
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Ladies Accessories
Sashes & Shawls

Highland & Irish
Dance Outfits

Fashion & Fun Kilts
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Kids Kilted Outfits
Golfing trousers
Golfing Trousers


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