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Staghorn offers a range of high quality accessories, giftware, clan jewellery, tartan ties, bowties, scarves and caps, dress and ghillie shirts, hosiery and footwear, along with a huge range of wholly unique hand-crafted Afro-Celtic sporrans.

Weddings & Rentals

There’s something very special that happens when you add a classy touch of tartan magic to your wedding day.

If you’d like to have your own fine kilt in a tartan of your choice, head on over to our kilt-making and tailoring page.

Grooms and groomsmen, fathers of the bride and their friends and family have been dropping into Staghorn’s kilt hire facility (or ordering online) for years to dress for weddings, big and small.

You don’t have to be Scottish, but if you want to make a statement about your personal style and heritage at burns dinners, whisky tastings, matric dances, corporate functions – we’ll certainly help you dress the part.

Staghorn’s kilted outfit rental section has a wide selection of over 130 kilts, kilt jackets, waistcoats and all the accessories you might need. Each garment is given personal attention to detail by owner Will Carter, who has decades of experience under his belt.

We also have a variety of ladies’ sashes – each with classic Celtic-style brooches – in a wide range of tartans.

No Scottish-themed wedding is complete without a piper. We have access to a list of competent musicians who’ll add that special touch and more to your wedding.

Classic Highland dress comes in many forms and styles and this is still evolving today. We hand-craft kilts and tailor-make a variety of traditional styles of jackets, tartan trousers and the like for men, women and kids, using only the very best cloth and materials available from Scotland and this country. Behind it all are skills built over years of being tested with tartans busy or plain, bold or subdued, magnificent or ordinary.

Kilt-making is a craft that embodies all that is traditional. Time-honoured rules underlie the patience, dexterity and commitment-to-detail necessary to create the perfect garment. No two tartans are ever quite the same, but we have a passion for the play of colours and visual textures that come from building bespoke traditional attire that looks terrific and fits like a dream.

Kilts & Kilted Skirts

We recognise that such a significant purchase for your wedding, birthday or just “I’ve always wanted to do this” occasion, is an important decision. With access to many hundreds of tartans from Scotland’s leading mills, you can be sure that we will find the clan or generic tartan you want, in the right weight and we’ll custom hand-craft your kilt or ladies’ kilted skirt to measure.

Our kilts come with three buckles and top grade leather straps, canvas lining, two belt loops, knife pleating and triple fringing on the front apron. And years of experience in the making.



Ladies’ kilted skirts are hand-made in any length, generally in a lighter weight tartan, with fewer pleats, a double front apron, strap, buckle and fringing. Perfect for Scottish events or for those who simply want to enjoy the experience of wearing one of the almost countless attractive tartans available. All of our kilted skirts are made to measure in the tartan of your choice.





Many highland dancers, young and not-so-young, trust us with crafting exceptional quality kilts that they will be able to use for years to come.

The Scottish Country Dancing community finds Staghorn a very useful source of traditional and not-so-traditional kilts, tartan kilted skirts and accessories for their passion.


Jackets & Waistcoats


The secret lies in the construction of the garment, the materials used and the skill (with more than a little magic) in our master tailor’s hands.



The cloth we use – tweeds, wool blends and jacketing – is almost invariably from Scotland or Ireland, but the fusings, chest canvas and linings are the best we can buy here in South Africa. All our buttons are non-tarnish nickel plated alloy, leather covered or replica stag horn.




Step out in style with tailored tartan or tweed jackets and waistcoat sets for men and women. We have access to hundreds of fine, 100% pure new wool tartans.


Always smart and a little more comfortable and casual than with a jacket, our master tailor will create waistcoats using only the finest textiles and finishes.



Add a flash of colour under a jacket or as a bold statement on its own. You don’t have to be a dyed-in-the-wool clansman to sport the tartan.


We offer a range of bespoke tartan cummerbunds that add an elegant, tartan touch – ideal for the gentleman who wants a slightly different style of formal evening wear.

Trews & Trousers

There’s a world of difference between the two garments, but we have years of experience in bespoke tailoring of both styles from a vast array of tartans and tweeds. There has even been the occasional pair of our ‘plus fours’ in tartan found on golf links far from our tailor shop at the southern tip of Africa.

Tartan trousers can be can be worn with a variety of informal and semiformal Highland outfits or just as another pair of trousers.



Ghillie shirts

Our own brand of ghillie shirts are traditional in pattern but with a local touch for added style and practicality. We have chosen a range of fine unbleached and bleached soft fold cottons, which are cut from tailored patterns, with deep yoked shoulders, fusing-reinforced collar, cuffs and yoke. They also have novel tabs to secure the cotton twist draw string at the neck and we make them extra-long for comfort.

Tartans & Tweeds

We offer access to thousands of tartans in various cloth weights, a custom tartan design service and commonly also supply a wide selection of tartan and tweed fabric for home decorating, soft furnishing and everyday or fashion garments.


Our tweeds are likewise imported from leading Scottish mills and are available in a variety of traditional and often newly fashionable patterns and weights. Choose from shades of brown, grey, blue and green to create a fabulous tweed suit, trousers, skirt or jacket or unique soft furnishings with some true Scots heritage.






Tartan fabric – generally 100% pure new wool – can be ordered by the metre or yard in different widths and weights. Our superb tartan cloth is imported from Scotland’s finest mills and has many popular uses beyond kilt making, as it’s ideal for household soft furnishings, children’s clothing, ladies fashion garments, headwear and more.

We also offer a complete range of top quality Irish and Irish County tartans.


Staghorn has access to many hundreds – if not thousands – of original tartans.
If we can’t find it, it probably isn’t being made. But don’t despair…
There are many, many generics that might be to your taste.



A full tartan design service is available in-house and below are just some of the designs that we have worldwide registration for:


We can custom-design you a tartan, woven and registered for a family name, a business, a place, a commercial brand or even a special event. We’ll work from family or geographical information or perhaps incorporate colours that have a special meaning.

The design is free, but we reserve to right to have the tartan woven for you and to hand-craft the kilts or whatever garment you need from it.

Imagine having a tartan designed and produced especially for your own family,
a wedding, company, professional association, old boys’ club, brand
or just to commemorate a special event.

A proud member of


Staghorn offers an interesting and quite distinctive range of accessories for your kilt outfit, from top to toe. These make tremendous gifts, and some of our unique Afro-Celtic sporrans are surely collector’s items.



We carry our own range of absolutely original and unique hand-crafted,
top quality Afro-Celtic sporrans for kilt wearers and collectors around the world.

To view a greater part of this range, CLICK HERE.



Although black is now most popular for formal wear, there’s a wide variety of colours available to complement the colours of your kilt. White and cream hose too, if you really want that now slightly old fashioned look.


Just part of the many traditional pattern and Celtic motif sghian dubhs we have on offer.

Traditionally passed down from father to son, a sghian dubh is an obligatory accessory for men in kilts. For gentlemen with a larger budget, we’ll happily introduce you to an artisan team who’ll craft something personalised and very special.








© Copyright – Will Carter


Hand-crafted by our seamstress in a variety of authentic, 100% pure new wool tartans. Perfect for groomsmen for a ‘touch of tartan’ at the wedding.



Although men don’t seem to wear ties much anymore, Staghorn has access to hundreds of clan and generic tartan ties and scarves in pure new wool.

dress shirts

Keeping to tradition, we prefer the high collar wing tip style and offer formal shirts – imported from Italy – in pure spun cotton and at a very reasonable price, as a service to customers.


Whether added to a formal jacket or used as a flamboyant accent to casual attire, we cut and fringe these to match the kilt, from a vast array of 100% pure new wool tartans imported from Scotland.

A masculine nickel silver brooch adds the finishing touch.



With your fine new bespoke kilt, you’ll receive a complimentary set of matching tartan garter flashes for your hose. We also make up a range of plain colour garter flashes to order.

No kilted outfit is quite complete without a pair or top quality ghillie brogues, imported from one of Scotland’s finest hand-crafted footwear companies.



Ever popular with golfers and guys who want a little tartan or tweed style to go with a winter tartan scarf.

CLAN JEWELLERY            

As the array of different clan-specific crest-mounted items is so wide, Staghorn will happily import any specific clan badges, pendants, kilt pins and the like, that we don’t happen to have in stock.


We use only the finest textured leather, melded and stitched together for absolute durability and comfort. Each belt is adjustable and we have our own design Celtic-style nickel silver buckles to complement the silverware on our unique Afro-Celtic sporran range.






Accessories for her

ladies’ sashes

Light or featherweight in traditional 100% pure new wool tartan to stake your claim to your ancestry or just to match your man’s kilt. This can be a wonderful keepsake, pinned to the bride’s dress when she is welcomed into the family and into the clan. It’s also used as a swaddling wrap when you Christen your children and likewise welcome them into the family and the clan.

We have access to many hundreds (if not thousands) of tartans. Each sash is cut, overlocked and hand fringed at both ends.


Ladies’ shawls are cut and hand-fringed by our seamstress and available in a choice of many hundreds of lightweight 100% pure new wool tartans.


bridal accessories

Tartan bridal garters are a must and woe betide the man who catches one. We also carry a small collection of ribbons and bows for groom lapel pins and corsages.

a touch of tartan

Just a touch of tartan for the bride’s mom, maybe? There are lots of ways to add another splash of tartan colour to your wedding.